la hipersuperficie de stephen perrella

myegoo_separacionclaseshiperplano_oHypersurface is a reconsideration of often dichotomous relationships existing in the environment. These binaries include, image/form, inside/outside, structure/ornament, ground/edifice and so forth, not as separate and hence static entities but as transversally constituted fabrics or planes of immanence. Hypersurfaces are generated in the problematic relationships that occur when binary categories conjugate because such divisions can no longer be sustained in isolation through either linguistic or material divisions. Categories of the Real and the Unreal, for instance, are insufficient today because each is infused within the other. The reality of a Disney phantasm superposed with the unreality of media constructs, such as the O.J. incident, begin to describe a process of debasement brought about by deeply-rooted cultural contradictions-indeed, a schizophrenia.

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